Traditional jazz with beautifully renovated pop classics.”

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Bringing together elements from vocalist giants of the 30s and 40s, classic jazz, and reconstructed popular songs, the Summertime Jazz Band does it all.  Vocalist and composer Emilie Faucher offers polished lyrical stylings that pay homage to Judy Garland, Keely Smith, and Amy Winehouse.  Rob Compagna, guitar teacher and owner of two Massachusetts-area guitar schools brings the heat of rock straight into to the Summertime world of jazz guitar.   Joe Compagna, composer and music teacher plays the 6 string bass; and Peter Elwyn, composer and drummer extraordinaire provides the back-beat that pins it all down.   This all-star band is at your service to provide music as a soft back drop to any party or setting, or to rouse the wedding party to their feet to dance the night away. 

We also offer an acoustic serenade package, Romeo and Juliet style!

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(L-R): Peter Elwyn, Emilie Faucher, Joe Compagna, Rob Compagna,

Emilie Faucher and a huge fan

(L-R): Emilie Facher, Peter Elwyn, Rob Compagna, Joe Compagna,

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